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Days To Maturity : 110
Germination Days : 5-10
Planting Depth : 1.5-2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 25
Spacing : 12-18
When To Plant : Late spring
When To Plant : Summer
120 PKTs Available
Waltham Butternut Squ... VSQ-5440



AAS 1970.

A vigorous vining type with light-tan bottle shaped fruits up to 3-6 lbs.

Light orange, rich dry flesh with a delicious nutty flavor.

A small seed cavity. One of the best keepers. Rich in vitamin A. Good on average soil.

These are very productive and space-saving when grown up a fence or trellis--deep roots do well with less water.

A good "three sisters" variety with corn and beans (around the edge of the patch).

BOTANICAL NAME: Curcurbita moschata


May start indoors 1 month before last frost. Transplant 18" apart after soil is warm. Give plenty of compost. Mulch can save water, but where squash bugs area problem, mulch will give them hiding places-diatom dust on stems/soil helps (if using, water in one spot only, to leave the dust in place). Harvest before heavy frost or when stems are dry. Leave 1" stem..

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: W, H/Matures 11-17/Harvest 4+/Yield 50-350/Spacing 12-18"

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Easy to grow, tolerates hot weather, stores well

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