Days To Maturity : 95
Germination Days : 5-10
Planting Depth : 1.5-2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 20
Spacing : 15-18
When To Plant : Late spring
When To Plant : Summer
48 PKTs Available
Buttercup Squash, org... VSQ-5435



The standard of excellence for winter squash-

deep orange, dry, flaky, and very sweet. Good in cool climates.

Develops its sweetness early, so while the inevitable unripe squash on the vine at the end of the season won't store like fully-ripened ones, they will be tasty.

(Most immature winter squash is bland at best.) Vines carry several 3-5 lb fruits--just right for a meal.
Dark green blocky fruit with gray button on the blossom end. Stores about 4 months.

Latin name: Cucurbita maxima.


Start seed indoors in flats or pots, up to a month before last frost date. Transplant 18" apart after frost past. Add lots of compost or decomposed manure. Mulch helps even out soil moisture, but where squash bugs are a problem, mulch will give them hiding places. Diatom dust on the stems and surrounding soil helps against them (if using, use drip watering or water in one spot only, to leave the dust in place). Harvest before heavy frost or when stems are dry. Leave 1" stem.
GB Cultural info: WW,H/Mat 14/Harv 6-17+/Yield 300-375/ Spacing 18"

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Easy to grow, Tolerates hot weather, Stores well

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