Days To Maturity : 58
Germination Days : 5-10
Planting Depth : 1.5-2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 20
Spacing : 15-18
When To Plant : Summer
When To Plant : Late spring
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Costata Romanesca Zuc... VSQ-5416



If you have ever wondered

what a traditional Italian zucchini was like before it became an American supermarket staple, try Costata and find out.

Famous for rich flavor.

In addition to all the usual uses, it's ideal for drying. Costata has great flavor dried (many don't) and holds its outstanding flavor and texture into the larger sizes instead of getting watery, tasteless, or tough. BOTANICAL NAME: Curcurbita pepo


'Start seeds in flats or plant directly into garden. Don't rush the season-the seeds will not sprout without warmth! Heat mats or a very warm sunny window are best for early plantings. Carefully transplant seedlings 18" apart after soil has warmed and all danger of frost is past. Amend soil with ample amounts of compost or decomposed manure. Make sure of adequate water. Harvest young for fresh use, large for drying. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: H/Matures 7-10/Harvest 17+/Yield 35-475/Spacing 15-18" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Easy to grow and tolerates hot weather

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The butteriest zuke
on 01/17/17 by Calvin Wilkins in Western Oregon

These are by far my favorite. I noticed a quote in another seed catalog, where a gardener described Costata Romanesca zucchini as something like "The only zucchini worth growing unless you are just thirsty." That was a very evocative statement! These zucchini not only are the butteriest, creamiest, densest zuke I've tried (and I LOVE zucchini), but they are also incredibly easy to grow. This seed came up for me with such vigor, and faster than other squashes I've grown. They shot out of the ground even when I planted them rather early in the season. I used raised beds, well-prepared. This type doesn't get funny when it gets big, so you can eat the lunkers. But they get HUGE. I found they make great dog food, too. I've noticed that this variety is not listed as being extremely productive, but I'm a zucchini lover who also feeds them to two large dogs, and I couldn't keep up with 5 plants. Two would likely be more than enough. They were big bush-types.