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Zapallo del Tronco Sq... VSQ-5400



Buttery-sweet flavor,

unique and delicious, raw or cooked. Best keeper among summer squash. Best raw flavor, too. Cooked, it tastes as if it has butter on it!

This South American heirloom is a different species from other summer squash--C. maxima--so you can save seeds without crossing with pumpkins or zucchini. Smooth shiny skin with no scratchy hairs. Big beautiful leaves give it a tropical look--space a bit further than regular zucchini.

BOTANICAL NAME: Curcurbita pepo


Start indoors in flats or pots, up to a month before last frost date. Transplant 24" apart after frost past. Add compost or decomposed manure. Mulch evens out soil moisture, but where squash bugs are a problem, mulch will give them hiding places. Diatom dust on stems and surrounding soil helps against them (if using, use drip watering or water in one spot only, to leave the dust in place). Harvest before heavy frost or when stems are dry. Leave 1" stem. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: H/Matures 7-10/Harvest 17+/Yield 35-475/Spacing 15-18" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Easy to grow and tolerates hot weather

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Incredibly Productive!
on 08/03/14 by Walkin Customer in NC

Tried these this year after reading the positive reviews, and they have lived up to the expectations. These squash are vigorous and hardy! The vines are over 12 foot long and they are continuing to produce long after the crooknecks and zucchini quit. Easily outproducing all the other squash 5 to 1. Performs well in the heat and humidity. The squash themselves have a nice mild flavor, reminds me a bit of cucumbers crossed with zucchini. Weve enjoyed them baked, grilled, stir fried, in casseroles and even raw in salads. Firm and nearly seedless when picked young, and store well on the counter until we get around to using them. Havent tried them as a winter squash, but there are several on the vines that got missed --they grow so fast!-- and we will try them this winter. Overall Im very pleased with this variety and its many attributes. This will be our mainstay squash for the years to come.

Room for Only One Squash Variety?
on 01/11/14 by Ann in NY

This one does it all. I planted 3 seeds at periphery in raised bed and trained them over & around the outside. Very productive & versatile - harvested all summer & into the fall. Delicious round zucchini-like with sweet white flesh, it can be picked from 1 up to 4 inches. If you miss some, just let them grow & mature to a big yellow-fleshed winter squash which will keep for many months! Thick protective winter skin is impossible to pierce - instead score & use a hammer to break into chunks, then oven roast & scoop meat - wonderful mashed! Even the seeds are good roasted. Plants are susceptible to mildew - at first sign spray leaves weekly with Neem.