Vse 5260
Days To Maturity : 40-50
Germination Days : 5-14
Planting Depth : 1/2
Seed Code : N
Seeds Per Packet : 10
Spacing : 30
When To Plant : Spring
When To Plant : Summer
14 PKTs Available
Lily White Seakale VSE-5260



A perennial and very ornamental,

with sculptural blue-green leaves and flowers that draw beneficial insects with a scent of honey.

It likes good, rich, deep soil with lime and good drainage.

Full sun on the coast, part shade elsewhere. Colder than zone 6, it needs winter protection. (Can be dug and stored in damp sand indoors.)
In very early spring, the young shoots are blanched under a box for first-early vegetables.

Hard-to-find seed.

BOTANICAL NAME: Crambe maritima


For better germination, carefully remove the corky outer shell before planting, or carefully score it. Start in a flat or pots in a spot with shade or during cool weather. Will take at least a month to sprout. When it has several true leaves, transplant them to their permanent position. Takes two years to mature. Harvest mature plants by placing a pot or box over the plant in late winter so that the new shoots are blanched and elongated. Stop harvesting in late spring; remove box. GROW BIOINTENSIVE┬« CULTURAL INFORMATION: W/Matures 2 years/Harvest 6/Yield 80-150/Spacing 30" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Perennial The edible portion of this delicacy are the sprouts of early spring growth which are etiolated (deprived of light and blanched as with chicory and asparagus). Etiolated sprouts can be eaten either raw or boiled like asparagus (4 minute boiling time). The flavor of young rosettes resembles that of cabbage with a fine hazel taste. Peeling is unnecessary before boiling, making seakale a ready-to-eat vegetable. Under the climatic conditions of northern France, the development cycle of seakale is similar to rhubarb. It likes good, rich, deep soil and an open and sunny position with plenty of compost, lime and manure. Colder than zone 6, it needs winter protection, mulches and possibly Reemay. Can be dug and stored in damp sand indoors. The shoots are served like asparagus: steamed, with either a b├ęchamel sauce or melted butter, salt and pepper. It is apt to get bruised or damaged in transport and should be eaten very soon after cutting, this may explain its subsequent decline in popularity.
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on 03/30/16 by Jenny in Cutchogue, NY

This plant looked very interesting and as we live on the water in Eastern Long Island I thought I would give it a try. It wasn't until after I purchased the seeds that I learned it was supposed to be difficult to grow from seed. Not so! I had a 90% germination rate (I removed the outer hull and planted the seeds in potting soil in a mini greenhouse) and all seedlings are doing beautifully. Now all I have to do is find more space to put them all! Have had similar successes with other Bountiful Garden seeds. Thank you!

Seakale Germination
on 01/19/16 by Anthony in southwest KS

Bountiful Gardens provided some excellent seeds and fast service. The Lily White Seakale has done amaing given the difficulties folks have germinating it (so I've read). I removed the outer cork and planted into moist media in the dark at about 68-70 degrees. After 1 week I have 6 out of 8 seeds germinated (2 of the 10 in the pack were empty husks). At just under 2 weeks, 7 of the 8 have germinated and are growing well.