Vpa 4735
Days To Maturity : 100
Germination Days : 15-28
Planting Depth : 1/2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 180
Spacing : 4
When To Plant : Summer
When To Plant : Spring
94 PKTs Available
Turga Parsnip, Organic VPA-4735



Moderately tapered shorter white roots

10-12" long and 3.5" across, with almost no hollow crown and no side roots.

Easier to grow in clay than longer varieties.

Has a clean appearance and good flavor; tolerates wet conditions such as marshland. A nice heirloom market variety, easy to grow.  (Note: in our paper catalog this item number is also erroneously listed for Tender and True parsnip, which should be VPA-4740.)

BOTANICAL NAME: Pastinaca sativa


Soak seeds overnight. Plant 4" apart in deeply dug, rock free soil that is well composted. Do not use fresh manure or nitrogen as rich soil causes hairy, forked roots. Water and weed seedlings until established, then requires little care. The flavor is improved by a light frost, and best if left in soil to overwinter, and harvested as needed. Plant in Spring for Fall harvest, in mild-Winter areas plant in Fall for Spring crop. Store in the ground or root cellar for winter.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: C, W/Matures 15/Harvest 4-8+/Yield 119-479/Spacing 4"

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Easy to grow, tolerates hot weather, tolerates winter cold, stores well

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