Von 4550 dsc 0490
Days To Maturity : 80
Germination Days : 10-14
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 150
Spacing : 1-3
When To Plant : Fall
When To Plant : Spring
74 PKTs Available
Welsh (Scallions) Onion VON-4550



Perennial in all zones.

Native of Siberia.

Likes deeply-dug, rich loam; keep watered and weeded until established.

This is a perennial bunching onion, which will keep dividing and reproducing itself indefinitely. The tops are available throughout the winter.

Foliage dies back in summer and small (pickling-size) bulbs can be dug, or you can leave the patch to sprout again in late summer.

BOTANICAL NAME: Allium fistulosum


Start in flats in Spring. Onions do best in rich, moist, loose soil, but this one will accept any good garden soil. Transplant 10" apart after frost. Keep watered-dry soil may spilt bulbs. Keep young sprouts well-weeded. Since this is perennial prepare bed very well. Harvest tops as needed like chives, or small onions in summer. Spread compost on the bed yearly, and weed well before sprouts emerge in spring.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: ALL/Matures 8-17/Harvest 0-6/Yield 100-540/Spacing 1-3"


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