Greens+dragon+tongue blended
Days To Maturity : 35-50
Germination Days : 9-12
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 100
Spacing : 6
Variety Code : Ossi
When To Plant : Early spring
When To Plant : Late spring
When To Plant : Mild winter
108 PKTs Available
Dragon Tongue Mustard... VMU-4445



Very sweet mustard flavor,

and a pinch of heat.

Wide crunchy midribs.

Last mustard to bolt in spring. Outstanding new salad/cooking green from wizard Frank Morton.BOTANICAL NAME: Brassica juncea


Biointensive: start in flats and transplant to 6" centers. Rows: sow 2" apart in 18" rows. Or broadcast in wide beds. Best taste when plants can grow fast, so have well-composted or manured soil with adequate nitrogen and calcium. Can take light frosts, and will do well under glass. Young seedlings susceptible to insect damage. Begin to harvest leaves as soon as well formed and of good green color.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: All/Matures 5-6/Harvest 8/Yields 180-270/Spacing 6"

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Easy to Grow, Tolerates Winter Cold, OSSI


Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI):

You have the freedom to use these OSSI-Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents, licenses or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their

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