Vle 4260 bronze+arrow+lettuce
Days To Maturity : 60
Germination Days : 2-15
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : GB
Seeds Per Packet : 300
Spacing : 8-9
When To Plant : Spring
When To Plant : Mild winter
When To Plant : Fall
When To Plant : Summer
111 PKTs Available
Bronze Arrow Looselea... VLE-4260



A rare, long-standing

heirloom leaf lettuce that has it all.

Our own strain, unavailable elsewhere.

The head in the picture sprouted from spilled seed in the gravel of our parking lot and made the head pictured in spite of 100-degree heat, compacted soil, and irregular water.
Takes cold equally well, thawing after overnight frosts with little damage.
Harvest leaf by leaf or as whole head. One customer took seven full cuttings from each of her plants one summer.
Oak-leaf bronze-red leaves with excellent flavor. BOTANICAL NAME: Lactuca sativa


Start in flats or direct seed. Cold frames extend season. Fertile, composted soil that is loose, not too acid, well-drained, and in good tilth with adequate nitrogen and moisture promotes fast growth for best flavor. In hot climates, site plants where they will get morning sun only, like the east side of a house or to the north of taller crops. Or use shade cloth mid-day to keep plants cool. Pick outer leaves every 10 days or so, leaving a central rosette of 6-8 leaves. Or cut entire heads and plan on sowing every two weeks. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Annual/ C, W/Matures 6-12/Harvest 1-3/Yield 135-540/Spacing 8-9" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Easy to grow, tolerates winter cold, tolerates hot weather

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Fantastic Lettuce
on 10/15/15 by Walkin Customer

I started growing this lettuce in No. Ca many years ago, and then again in my gardens in Hawaii. Now I am on Cape Cod, Ma. and again it is my favorite of all the lettuces I have ever grown. Heat and drought tolerant, quick growing in cold weather but slow to bolt when hot, accepting of torrential downpours and hail, this pretty & tasty variety keeps on producing!

this is the best lettuce
on 03/25/15 by D in WA

Bronze Arrowhead lettuce is beautiful, tolerates cold, heat, lasts months before bolting. Vigorous and delicious, has a substantial crunch to it. I saved seeds from several that amazingly overwintered in my garden, and they proved to be the most vigorous seed!

bronze arrow
on 02/28/15 by Jonathan in CA

this is my favorite lettuce to grow. it lasts through almost all heat spells up to about 102 w/o mid day shade. I wish the earwigs didnt like it as much as me, but have found that if I soak a harvested head in a bucket of water for about 6 hours & swish it around before removing, Im left with some high protein garden water and have fewer bugs in the sink. Ive been growing this for over 20 years. Thank you, BG, for introducing this lettuce to me. Seed viability tapers off quickly after a year, so if youre seed saving, let about a dozen plants set seed each year. Harvest in early morning in hot weather to minimize the latex in the leaves.

This is a great lettuce
on 10/13/13 by Cameron Miller in WA

 I grow a lot of different lettuces here in the Pacific Northwest. I love Bronze Arrow. It is slow to bolt, juicy and mild, and--with cover--I can grow it year round. For those of us that are serious about practicing the principles of sustainable gardening--as promoted by John Jeavons and others, this lettuce should have widespread plantings and seed saving.