Vgr 3790
Days To Maturity : 90
Germination Days : 7-14
Planting Depth : 1/2
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 50
Spacing : 12
When To Plant : Summer
59 PKTs Available
Malabar Spinach VGR-3790



A very unusual productive

and delicious Asian vegetable.

Thick, darkgreen leaves on handsome 6' vines provide abundant tasty greens throughout the summer.

Heat tolerant and vigorous. Handsome on a trellis or screen; trellis it above your cool-loving greens like lettuce.

BOTANICAL NAME: Basella rubra


Vining tropical plant that grows 6-14' on a trellis. Start in flats after soil is at least 70 degrees. Transplant in late spring after all frost to well-drained soil 12" apart. Likes water. Heat tolerant, vigorous, prefers partial shade. Harvest leaves and young stems for salads or cook leaves like spinach. Nip longer shoots for bushier plants.



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Good for hot summer
on 07/30/16 by Anita in Atlanta

Great plant for the hot and humid summer. Edible amaranth will also grow under these conditions - here are my experiences

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Meaty leaves!
on 07/20/16 by REXENNE REEVES in Madison, Wisconsin

Planted four pots worth but only one germinated, so germination rate is not what I would expect. HOWEVER, the one plant that did grow is HUGE. The leaves are super meaty, and pungent. LOVES the heat. It's been the only spinach I have been able to grow in years that hasn't bolted on me within a week of planting. Says it prefers partial shade, but my plant is thriving in full sun. Om nom nom nom!!

Not Impressed!
on 09/05/13 by Debbie in AZ

I tried this spinach this year because we have 100+ degree temperatures here in Sedona all summer and it is hard to grow most lettuces or spinach. It germinated very well. It grew well in spite of the heat. It looked beautiful. But... a little bit raw in a salad is O.K. but cooked.... it has the texture of undercooked egg whites and it is slimy like okra. Yuck! I would not recommend it.

Very heat tolerant and ornamental!
on 08/18/12 by Jeremy

First year growing this. About 95% germination rate. Got busy and left seedlings in recycled 6-packs for 4 months. Transplanted to garden in full sun late June and they went crazy. Mid August and they are 8 - 15 feet long with multiple vines on each plant. Bees love the blooms. 110 degrees and they dont even know it. Not a single pest so far. I prefer the leaves raw mixed in salad. Ok to stir-fry small amounts of leaves and about 3 inches of stem tips. Slimy if cooked or juiced, thats why I only gave it 4 stars. I will have to try drying it. Leaves kept shape and texture 2 weeks in fridge! Dark green leaves and dark red stems demand attention, no one passes by my community garden plot without stopping to ask about or look at them!

Grows to be the Green Malabar Variety
on 07/22/12 by Mae in CA

I planted seeds in ground and they sprouted within a week. I was expecting these to be the red vine variety, but it turned out to be the green variety. It was not the same as the one shown in the picture. The pictures should be corrected. Overall the plant is very good in growth and greens, but I wont be planting these again.