Vgr 3771 aztec spinach web
Days To Maturity : 30
Germination Days : 3-4
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 200
Spacing : 12
When To Plant : Spring
5 PKTs Available
Aztec Spinach (Huauzo... VGR-3771



A relative of quinoa and spinach.

Basically, a quinoa bred for mild leafy greens.

Sprouts quickly for baby leaves for salad mix. Leaves taste like spinach, with no oxalic acid "metallic" taste.

Later, you can harvest the tops as seedheads begin to appear and cook like broccoli with a completely different flavor. (tops battered and fried in Mexico).

BOTANICAL NAME: Chenopodium nuttalliae


Sow in spring in flats on 1" centers after all danger of frost is past. Transplant when second set of leaves appear to 12" centers in garden. Be careful not to disturb roots when transplanting. (or direct-sow in garden-thinnings or young plants used in salad mix). Leaves may be harvested from the plants once they are 10" high or wait and use the young flowering tops like broccoli raab. In Meixco the young green seedheads are battered and fried.




Bill Bruneau, Willits CA

Vgr 3771 large web

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Everyone loves this vegetable
on 09/28/15 by Albert in CA

I will definitely grow this again. It is so easy to grow. The heat of 105 degree didnt bother the growth at all. Only leave miner presented a minor problem which was easy to manage, otherwise, insects left it alone to grow to its 6 ft tall stand. The young leaves are good in salad or saute. The young stems and the flower can be saute. When you pick the tips of branch, the side branches grow quickly to provide more branches. I let the central stem grow to its full height to allow for the flower head to form. I wanted to try frying in a batter as the catalogue recommended. I cooked the flower head yesterday to a friend from Mexico, she was surprise to learn that the leaves and stems are as tasty as the flower. Apparently in Mexico, they only use the flower head when they fried in a batter with eggs. I highly recommend this.

on 07/21/13 by Walkin Customer in FL

My Goosefoot is growing fast. It is about a foot tall now. A very high percentage of the seeds germinated. The plants are in good health. I am using rich soil and it has been raining every other day.