Vgr 3750 lg egyptspinach
Days To Maturity : 70
Germination Days : 7-14
Planting Depth : 1/8
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 100
Spacing : 12
When To Plant : Spring
10 PKTs Available
Egyptian Spinach, Jut... VGR-3750



Also known as Molokheiya or Jute.

Multi-purpose vegetable can survive both dry and wet.

Related to hibiscus. Fresh leaves can be eaten as salad or cooked greens, and dried leaves can be used to thicken soups or for tea.

Regrows for multiple cuttings. Makes a nice potted plant-grows about 2' tall and bears yellow flowers if not clipped for food use.
The stems are the source of jute fiber for rope when fully mature. Loves heat. BOTANICAL NAME: Corchorus olitorius


Seed is naturally green; is NOT treated. Start in flats or direct-sow fairly heavily then thin. Don't sow too deep-light helps germination. Plant out after danger of frost is past and soil is getting warm. Does best in good soil for rapid growth, so continue to give compost or nutrients-mulch will help keep soil moist. Cut tender top leaves continuously, or harvest whole plant and succession-sow. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Annual/ W, H/Matures 10/Spacing 12" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : We have only recently realized that Jute fiber is from the plant we know as Egyptian Spinach. Start early, grow as close spacing (about a foot apart) and harvest mature plants forfiber. Loves hear and lots of water, humidity.
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Delicious hot summer greens
on 01/19/16 by AZ

Im in Phoenix and this is one of the few greens we can grow in summer that tastes good. Does not go bitter even in 115+ degrees! Needs ample water in heat, well mulched soil helps. An annual but you will get copious amounts of seed to plant and share with others. If you live where its hot plant early so you will get plenty of greens all summer and so it will set seed before frost.

Easy to grow
on 09/05/15 by Walkin Customer in AL

Zone 8b - south Alabama. Some plants only grew approx 3ft - others shot up to about 7ft. Its Sept. and pods are drying out. Am harvesting them for next year - will also offer them at a seed swap early next year. Will definitely plant again - leaves are a good addition to salads. Have yet to try them in soup.

Did great for me too
on 11/06/14 by Dave D in NC

 I live in North Carolina USA. This is the first year I planted this and it did great. I munched on the leaves all through the summer and the plants got to 3 feet tall and produced lots of seed pods. I enjoyed eating the seed pods too when they were young and tender. They had more flavor than the leaves to me and I am thinking they would be very nutritious too. Thanks!

Love it!
on 10/17/14 by Walkin Customer in FL

I live in sunny zone 9b and it does exceptionally well. The first season the spinach grew to 3 feet or so. I saved its seeds and planted it this spring. This season the plants are well over 6 feet tall. We have eaten them for dinner in our salads every night since the spring and it is now October and still going strong. It is said to be more nutritious than kale.