Anasazi corn web
Days To Maturity : 90
Germination Days : 7-10
Planting Depth : 1-2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 60
Spacing : 15
When To Plant : Early spring
When To Plant : Mid-summer
29 PKTs Available
Anasazi Sweet Corn, O... VCO-3315



 Ancient variety,

reputed to be from seeds found in Anasazi ruins. Possibly the oldest sweet corn still in existence.

This Southwestern land race heirloom is drought-resistant

and doesn't require the extreme fertility and weed-free conditions needed by many modern corns.

Likes warmth. 7-8' plants with 2 multicolored ears, 7" long.

Grown by Jonathan Spero, who writes "Anasazi is a true land race variety. It is variable in many ways. Ear length and diameter, degree of sweetness and plant height all vary. Each ear can be a different color or combination of colors. In older times, variability was desired. People wanted corn that produced food come wet or dry, hot or cold, and with a minimum of added inputs." BOTANICAL NAME: Zea mays


Does well in many soils-does best in deep, rich soils. Good drainage and full sun important. Must be planted in a section at least 5 feet square for good cross-pollination. Sow seed 2 weeks after average date of last frost. Best planted in succession, directly into garden 15" apart. Greedy feeder so fertilize well. Don't plant same place every year. . GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: W, H/Matures as marked/Harvest 1-2 /Yield fresh 17-68, dry 12-48/ Spacing 15" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Tolerates hot weather
Vco 3315anasazi

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Great Stuff
on 09/03/15 by Walkin Customer

I just wanted to try a open pollinated heir loom corn, and this one did not disappoint. It really takes off well and with just a very minimal input really kicked out the production. Even though we got almost NO rain this summer this corn still did well.

Great corn
on 05/10/15 by Randy Durnil in CA

I did two runs of this corn in Mendocino county CA last year 2014. It grew well in 50% clay 50% black magic compost. Stalks were 6 to 7 feet. I used very little if any fertilizer. I got 2 to 3 ears per stalk. Corn was sweet and delicious. I plan on growing twice as much as I did last year, this year.

Wonderful corn
on 04/25/15 by Richard in CA

I grew this last year 2014. It grew well- I only added composted horse manure no bedding and green waste compost to my soil. I grew it in Upper Ojai, Ca latitude 34 degrees. I ate it raw when it was still tender and the colors were just beginning to show, I really liked the colors. It was plenty sweet and had a great corn flavor. It wasnt a monster -sized corn- maybe 5-6 feet tall. I am growing it again because I want a real cornOP that is still sweet enough. Very good corn.