Days To Maturity : 85-95
Germination Days : 7-10
Planting Depth : 1-2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 60
Spacing : 15
When To Plant : Mid-summer
When To Plant : Early spring
82 PKTs Available
Painted Mountain Flou... VCO-3290



Bred in Northern Montana,  

to produce a crop where other corns can't.
Tolerates low fertility, cold, drought.  Kernels are bright rainbow colors, high in antioxidants. Can be eaten as sweet corn, hominy, or ground into flour. Can be planted before your last frost date.

Bred by Dave Christensen, using over 70 Native American corn varieties. His life's work has been to ensure that people all over the world have a hardy, easy-to-grow source of survival food they can grow for themselves. 



An early variety that can be ready by mid-summer. Does well in many soils, best in deep, rich soils. Good drainage and full sun important. Sow seed 2 weeks after average date of last frost.Plant directly into garden 15" apart. Plant in blocks of at least 5' on a side for good pollination. Greedy feeder-fertilize well. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: W, H/Matures as marked/Harvest 1-2 /Yield fresh 17-68, dry 12-48/ Spacing 15" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Tolerates hot weather, easy to grow, and stores well This is a very limited supply and it is hand selected by the breeder, Dave Christensen in Montana, below are the growers specific comments on his growing conditions for this special corn variety. Dave's Description: An array of vivid colors for Fall decoration. considered by many to be the most beautiful decorative corn. A soft flour starch that grinds easily for wonderful cornbread and any other corn product. High in life-enhancing antioxidants and anti-inflammation nutrients. Better protein than most. Grown from true heirloom corn of the Native Americans of Montana and the surrounding western states. Developed and selected by Dave of Big Timber, MT for 43 years. One of the hardiest grains in the world. Adapted to cold Spring plantings, hot dry summers, low water and short seasons. It ripens fast. It is hardy for high elevation deserts and had always been raised without irrigation. but people report success with it in a variety of environments due to its fast maturity. Plant directly outdoors starting May 1 if you wish. It endures cold soil and recovers from frost. Short Native plants often 4 1/2 feet tall are hand harvested. They do not stand up from modern combine harvesting. Because of it's genetic diversity it can adapt to new locations in a few years. With it's fast maturiy and hardiness it is a "must" for a survival seed bank.

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Cool and wet? No problem
on 01/07/15 by Walkin Customer in WA

In our corner of the Pacific Northwest we get 120 - 160 inches of rain per year and nights routinely dip into the low 50s all summer. Daytime temps rarely reach 80. Despite our pea and kale weather, Painted Mountain corn does exceptionally well here. We harvest 6 - 7 lbs or more dried and shelled from a 4X26 foot bed.