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Radicchio, Early Trev... VCH-3200



Italian heirloom

delicious in winter salads and cooked dishes.

The color alone is worth including in your garden, but we love it for its crisp texture and bittersweet flavor

that really complements winter meals. A great contrast to the mustardy flavors that dominate with fall and winter vegetables. Renowned as a cleaning, invigorating tonic that boosts liver function as well as adding a crunchy fresh component to salads, risottos, soups, pasta, and braised dishes.

Latin name:
Cichorium intybus
GB Cultural info: CW,WW/Matures 12-14/Harvest 2-4/Yield 60-100/Spacing 12 / Area 120Days to Maturity: 60-85Seed code: CSeeds per pkt: 200 

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