Vch 3190+it.+dandelion
Days To Maturity : 52-83
Germination Days : 2-15
Planting Depth : 1/8
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 200
Spacing : 12
When To Plant : Early spring
When To Plant : Fall
16 PKTs Available
Italian Dandelion VCH-3190



Fast-growing plant

traditionally used for early greens.

Deep-cut long broad leaves resembling dandelion, but much larger, with a slightly bitter flavor preferred in Italian cooking.

Good spring or fall crop. Great braised with meat or lentils. One of the most healthful of all greens. BOTANICAL NAME: Cichorium intybus


Start in flats mid-Summer through Autumn. Transplant (or direct sow) 12" apart into any garden soil that has some humus, adequate moisture, and is not acid-rapid growth improves flavor and quality. Leaves may be harvested starting at the baby greens stage, making sure to leave the center 6 leaves for continued growth. Mature plants can be tired into a head 2 weeks before harvest to blanch the centers if desired. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Annual/C, W/Matures 12-14/Harvest 2-4 / Yield 60-100/Spacing 12" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Easy to Grow

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Blooms on the Italian Dandelion
on 06/19/15 by Walkin Customer

They have beautiful blue, purple flowers! It was a wonderful surprise. Ill be planting more. Would post a picture but not sure where to do that.