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Days To Maturity : 70
Germination Days : 6-21
Planting Depth : 1/4-1/2
Seed Code : GB
Seeds Per Packet : 200
Spacing : Broadcast
Spacing : 3
When To Plant : Mid-summer
When To Plant : Early spring
11 PKTs Available
Juwarot Carrot VCA-2950



Our most popular carrot ever.

Juwarot was bred especially for juicing and raw eating-crisp, juicy, and sweet.

Highest carrot in vitamin A. Very rare. Grown for us at Golden Rule Garden from hand-selected roots.

BOTANICAL NAME: Daucus carota


Sow seed 3" apart or broadcast carefully in deep, well prepared bed for long, well shaped roots. Avoid fresh or green manure or excess nitrogen which causes hairy, forked roots. Cover the seed lightly with soil. Do not allow the soil to dry out or crust; it helps to put shadecloth or burlap over the bed, checking daily until seedlings come up and then remove the covering. Germination can be slow; presoaking in warm water can help. Thin when tops are 2" high if necessary, or if roots begin to crowd.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: ALL /Matures 9-11/Harvest 3-6 /Yield 100-400/ Spacing 3" or broadcast carefully


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Convenient for Juicing
on 05/30/14 by George Quaynor

Especially good for juicing

on 01/21/12 by Sam Skenandore in WA

I planted these seeds using a home made seed tape. Long strips of moistened paper towels, seeds spaced 2 inches or so apart and then the moistened paper towel folded over. I got 100 percent germination and the carrots were perfectly spaced. The seeds that were planted in plain dirt fared about 70% germination. Moral of the story? Keep the ground wet while they sprout! The carrots were hardy and grew oodles of nice medium length carrots. Nice orange color with a really big yellow core. I like my carrots to be flavorful not so much sweet. So they were perfect for my family. Think flavor for these guys. Cooking them yielded a very tasty carrot indeed and juicing them was divine.