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Pellegrini Pole Bean,... VBE-2278



Family heirloom from Italy

renowned for its unequaled flavor.

A true heirloom, passed from gardener to gardener for generations because of its fabulous flavor. Delicious as a stringless, succulent green bean, and one of the very best-tasting dry bean as well. From the Seattle garden of Angelo Pellegrini, a poor Italian immigrant who became a professor of English and the author of several books on gardening and eating well. He published the first recipe for pesto in the US (in 1946) and is widely considered the father of the local foods movement. He got this bean, which he considered the best-tasting bean of all, from the Mondavi family.They brought it from Italy, where it was called Monachine. Grown for us by Krista Rome. Extremely rare

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