Vbe 2275 +kentucky+wonder+bush+bean
Days To Maturity : 60
Germination Days : 8-12
Planting Depth : 1/2
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 60
Spacing : 6
When To Plant : Late spring
33 PKTs Available
Kentucky Wonder Pole ... VBE-2276



A real piece of history,

this 1864 heirloom is famous for flavor.

Make sure they get enough water, and keep picking the beans before they get too big, and you will have beans all summer. BOTANICAL NAME: Phaseolus vulgaris


 A climbing variety that requires poles, strings, or wire to climb up to 10' in good conditions. Plant 6" apart in well composted soil after all danger of frost is past and soil has warmed to 60-70 degrees. Should have PH 6 or above. Keep well water or apply mulch to control moisture. Keep well wedded or mulched avoid damaging the rots with hoe or cultivator. Keep picked for best harvest. GROW BIOINTENSIVE┬« CULTURAL INFORMATION: H, W/Matures 8-9/Harvest 12/Yields green 30-108, dry 4-24/Spacing 6" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :

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A Good Pole Bean
on 08/28/14 by Sarah in WV

I am a pole bean novice when it comes to growing, Ive eaten plenty but these seem pretty hardy. Weve had lots of storms and hail this year and I was really worried but these beans just keep growing! Theyve actually outgrown the supports I built for them. I pick them every weekend and get enough for several meals and Ive canned once so far. Theyve also stood up pretty well to the Japanese Beetle invasion. Id recommend them.