Vbe 2160+ca+blackeyed+pea
Days To Maturity : 85
Germination Days : 8-16
Planting Depth : 1
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 130
When To Plant : Spring
When To Plant : Late spring
11 PKTs Available
California Black Eyed... VBE-2160



Bush variety.

Customers say these are "unbelievably easy to grow".

Erect, high-yielding plants bear creamy-textured beans with distinct, delicious flavor.

BOTANICAL NAME: Vigna uniguiculata


Sow into a sunny garden bed after all danger of frost has passed and the soil is warm (60 degrees). Cowpeas are very adaptable; but their growing season must be warm. Sow 1" deep into most any well-drained soil, not took alkaline. Noted soil builder. Needs moisture to get established; thereafter drought-tolerant. Does well as understory plant for trees or corn.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: H, W/Matures 9-12/Harvest 8/Yields 2-9/Spacing 24" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Easy to Grow, Tolerates Hot Weather, Stores Well

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