Tpa 7746
Germination Days : 60-90 cold, scarify
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 15
When To Plant : Spring
When To Plant : Summer
51 PKTs Available
Passionflower, Maypop TPA-7746



The hardiest passionfruit-survives freezes down to -15F.

Fruit is sweet with many seeds, excellent juiced.

Leaves are a world-class sedative and tranquilizer, used in herbal teas for relaxation.

Stronger leaf extracts are used as an alternative to pharmaceutical tranquilizers.

BOTANICAL NAME Passiflora incarnata


Seeds need 2 months of cool moist and dark (in soil) and will then sprout as the soil warms. So, plant in a gallon pot and set outside all winter. Colder than zone 6, startin a pot 2 months before last frost date. Protect from birds and mice, and keep from drying out. Prepare a permanent site that is rich, moist, and weed-free for permanent spot. Mulch, but beware of slugs. Vines take awhile to develop a large root system before making much top growth.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: Zones 6-10 /Height 20'vine/Matures 2-5 yrs/Spacing 8' or 3' for hedge



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