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Widger Transplanting ... SWI-9010



A Bountiful Gardens exclusive.

For many years we have used and loved this elegant little stainless steel tool for pricking out and transplanting tiny seedlings.

The original British manufacturer stopped making them in 2004, but we have finally found someone who produces them just for us…slightly modified but just as useful as the original. It’s amazing how much difference a small tool like this can make!

Size = 6" X ¾" APPROX WEIGHT = one ounce

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What an amazing multitasking tool!
on 05/05/15 by Walkin Customer

Please check out the well-rounded review of this tool at the website below. The pictures of the widger are of the original design, the current design is not quite as shiny and has a slight change in design, but still functions the same as the original. http://ecogardenok.com/ecolandscaping/tool-review-widger/

widger tool
on 03/05/13 by Ken in TX

This tool really works.I used it to move tomato seedlings from the Jiffy trays. Very consistant in lifting the entire root ball. Highly reccommend.

widger tool
on 01/13/12 by Walkin Customer

A widger is sooo helpful in transplanting seedlings. This one is best for smaller seedlings in my opinion. I have made a larger one from a thin walled metal pipe with a hacksaw and a grinder.