Swh 9510 whitefly
5 Eaches Available
Whitefly Traps SWH-9510



package of 5 traps

For aphids and whiteflies. These traps are covered with a yellow sticky surface that, to insects’ eyes, appears to glow in the ultraviolet rays from the sun, and attracts them to its sticky surface. Scientists have discovered that the color yellow, to a whitefly, is like the sight of neon to a compulsive gambler. They fly directly toward the yellow object, hoping it is attached to a plant they can infest.

Last all season, even in rain - until completely coated with insects. Non-poisonous & easy to use.

You could also put tree tanglefoot on yellow cardboard if you don’t mind getting your hands gooped-up.

5 traps - APPROX WT = .175 lbs
Swh 9510 whitefly b

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