Swa 9174
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Dramm Heavy-Duty Plas... SWA-9174


Ultra heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, but lightweight. Fingertip control even with wet hands. The valve is made with a ball type mechanism that has a large 5/8" bore for maximum water flow, gives a tight seal when turned off, and adjusts easily to different flow rates. Made in the U.S.A. After being tested internally and by growers for a year, Dramm has introduced this new 74 Shut Off Valve. It offers unmatched durability and flow in a light weight package. Made from reinforced, glass filled polypropylene plastic, the 74 Shut Off Valve is designed for durability, longevity, and corrosion resistance. Low friction action on the shut off makes it nice to use with wet hands. Boasts a 5/8" opening which allows a full flow of water (rated at 18 gpm). "Best out there. I have had numerous plastic and metal hand valves for watering from local stores and they are junk, break easily and don't last long. This is not your typical valve, fiber reinforced plastic makes this a valve for the long haul. Have used it for a couple months now and it works perfectly. It sits in the sun most of the time and is not showing any signs of deterioration. It's not as penny-wise as the junk ones, but is worth the cash in my opinion. You wont need a new one for a really long time." - J. Gerhardt

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