Swa 9172
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Dramm 1000 Water Brea... SWA-9172


 Gardeners love this Dramm nozzle. A thousand holes puts out twice the water of any other round flow nozzle, yet is an incredibly soft spray. Best nozzle for young seedlings and garden beds with delicate soil. Plastic with a metal face, light but sturdy. A lot of gardeners use the word "love" when talking about this nozzle, including horticultural professionals. If you are looking for high volume and low pressure flow that gently waters seedlings and young plants, but does not erode loose soil, this water breaker is for you. It penetrates the soil of potted plants unlike other watering nozzles, which push the same volume of water through fewer openings, creating a stronger flow, and which end up pushing out some of the soil. Great also for hanging baskets. It's probably the only thing that will spare containerized plants on the patio from getting flattened. It may bend or break small or tender greens so be careful in that situation. Cuts watering time quite perceptibly, many claim it halves their watering time. If you're a hand's on gardener/waterer, you can't go wrong with this product. There are two positions on using this nozzle to water baby seedlings. Some say you cannot use it on baby seedlings - it will drown them. When the tiny plantlet is smaller than a water droplet, common sense tells you the water droplet with knock them down. The other position is that if you keep the wand moving - i.e. do not focus on a single area for very long - that it works very well.

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