Sso 9290
1 Tool Available
Soil and Seed Sieve SSO-9290


One of the handiest, most versatile tools in the garden. Fits perfectly over a 5-gallon bucket for all straining and sifting needs. For sifting soil or compost, or for separating large types of seeds from chaff, but we also use it for making herb teas, separating out seeds by size, and even for getting the dust and broken pieces out of foods like nuts, cereal, and so on in the kitchen. Many other potential uses - we actually have archeologists buying these for sifting soil at "digs"!  (Besides its many uses we also enjoy the packaging, which describes the sieve in droll fractured English.) A stainless steel sieve body 11.75" in diameter with 3 interchangeable galvanized metal screens of 3,5,and 10 mesh per inch. APPROX WT = 1.375 lbs.

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