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30% Shade Netting SSH-9220 30


6 ft wide - SELECT 30% OR 50% & ENTER HOW MANY FEET YOU WANT IN THE "QUANTITY BOX"30% is for most uses - it shields plants from the hot sun but does not promote "leggy" growth. $2.75 per running foot50% is useful for very delicate plants or very hot climates. $3.30 per running ft.Shade netting is useful for protecting young seedlings and also for extending the harvest period of crops like lettuce and spinach. It is suspended on a light frame over the bed to be protected and cuts down the amount of sun that a plant receives by a specific percentage. Knitted, black polypropylene shade netting that will last for several years. Comes in two percentages of shade. NOTE: THIS IS SOLD BY THE RUNNING FOOT; IT IS 6 FEET WIDE. FOR EXAMPLE, AN ORDER OF "1" WILL GIVE YOU A 1 FOOT BY 6 FOOT PIECE. AN ORDER OF "10" WILL GIVE YOU A 10 FOOT BY 6 FOOT PIECE. YOU MAY ORDER ANY LENGTH YOU WANT.

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