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Japanese Stainless St... SSE-9141


Holds up very well. It is slightly longer than the Serrated Blade Sickle we have had (SSE-9140). This sickle has a different blade shape. Favorite of raspberry pruners.  (In reality, Julie would be grasping the tops of that alfalfa before she cut with the sickle, but she removed her left hand for the picture.) Great for grasses, grains, and brush up to 1/2" diameter.  Clear blade cover. 8 1/2” Wood handle. 6 1/2” blade, 14” overall.

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on 08/04/16 by DP in western WA

This tool is my most used tool—great for weeding, whacking, and harvesting. So well used that I tend to leave them in the garden, lost in the jungle! If only they had a scabbard to attach to a belt, and if only they were easier to sharpen.