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Root Zone Beneficial ... SRO-9370


SECTION: Compost and Soil Fertility, We always recommend home-made compost for enlivening the soil and bringing the microbial population back to a healthy state. However, all the spectrum of beneficial microbes might not yet be present at your site. Mycorrhizal fungus networks reduce the need for water and optimize nutrients. This is a blend of 11 species of endo and ectomycorrihiza; fungi, 2 trichoderma species and 15 species of bacteria. It is added to the soil when planting at the rate of a half teaspoon or so per plant, so 8 ounces will go a long way. 8 ounce jarAPPROX WEIGHT: .575 lbs.

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on 11/28/15 by Walkin Customer

In our all-organic garden, leaf curl had been terrible on our stone fruit trees until we used Root Zone. We are so happy! And back to order more.