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Dr. Zymes SPC-4368


We are excited about this new product.  It is made entirely from food-grade ingredients by a small business right here in GMO-free Mendocino County.  It is the best product we have seen to combat tiny soft-bodied insects, which can multiply to plague proportions before you are aware of them.  Russet and Broad mites are particularly destructive because you need a microscope to see them, and they reproduce incredibly fast--they are actually born pregnant!  Normally people use very strong chemicals against these destructive pests.  But Dr. Zymes uses a natural enzyme to dissolve their shells-- the same process that earthworms use to digest the tiny organisms in the soil.  Works on spider mites, thrips and white-flies too.  Not a problem to bees or amphibians.  It is scentless, water-based, and can be used even on the day of harvest.  Dr. Zymes is also very effective against mold, mildew and fungus problems.  We used it on an old travel trailer that had gone several winters with a leakyroof and was full of mildew.  After a thorough spraying of Dr. Zymes, it is fully habitable, even by people with mold allergies.  The enzymes had digested the mild.  Finally, a spray that you can feel really good about.  SPC-4368 1 quart $22.95

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