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Cucumber Beetle Traps SPC-4367



Cucumber beetles are a major problem

for squash, cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkin, and other cucurbits.

The beetles can kill or severely stunt seedlings, and damage stems and fruits on older plants.

They transmit bacterial wilt, viruses and Gummy stem blight. Eggs hatch larvae that tunnel into the soil and feed on plant roots.

At least two generations of striped cucumber beetles are produced in one growing season. Females can lay 1500 eggs each.

Stops Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Striped Cucumber Beetle, Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle, and Western Striped Cucumber Beetle.

Lasts all season, even in rain - until completely coated with insects. Non-poisonous & easy to use.

Two traps on sturdy cardboard.

Spc 4367 2 web

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