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Odor Free Compost Bu... SOD-9336


This is a smaller size than our usual compost bucket, making it more convenient for keeping on the kitchen counter, and easier to clean out. Hinged top makes opening it easy with one hand, and you don't need to find somewhere to set the lid. There is a place in the lid for a charcoal filter, so the ingredients inside do get air, but the odor doesn’t come out into the kitchen. It has a carrying handle for taking it out to the compost pile, and it’s easy to clean when you bring it back in. It fits easily in a cupboard under the sink. It is dark green heavy plastic, 71/2 inches tall, 8" X 6 ½ " at the top and slightly smaller at the bottom. It holds slightly over 1 ½ gallons of kitchen scraps. The charcoal filter is reported to last 3-4 months, but we have had one last much longer than that. Comes with one filter. Note: this is for collecting kitchen scraps to carry them out to an outdoor compost pile; it is not suitable for indoor composting. APPROX WEIGHT: 1.42 lbs.
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