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Odor Free Compost Bu... SOD-9335


A really handy design, with a hinged lid so you don't need both hands when opening, and you don't need to find a place to set the lid. There is a place in the lid for a charcoal filter, so the ingredients inside do get air, but the odor doesn’t come out into the kitchen. It has a carrying handle for taking it out to the compost pile, and it’s easy to clean when you bring it back in. It fits easily in a cupboard under the sink. It is dark green heavy plastic, 12 ½ inches tall, 8" X 6 ½ " at the top. It holds 2 ½ gallons of kitchen scraps…enough to go for a while between trips to the garden. The charcoal filter is reported to last 3-4 months, but we have had one last much longer than that. Comes with one filter. Note: this is for collecting kitchen scraps to carry them out to an outdoor compost pile; it is not suitable for indoor composting. APPROX WEIGHT: 1.42 lbs.

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Big Green Beautiful Bucket
on 02/25/14 by Holly Shelton in CA

Ive had this bucket for a few months now, & didnt know what to expect when I got it, but its GREAT. I had an older plastic snapping lid freezer container that Ive used for YEARS to put the stuff in B4 it went out into the outside composters, & the time b/t putting the stuff in, then taking it out was maybe 3-4 days max. With this, its a week or more. Seriously. They sell a medium sized one, but if you can Deal, get THIS one, b/c its worth it. Its larger & the charcoal filter thingie REALLY works & the area where the charcoal filter goes into, on top, has a cute depiction of a larger & smaller daisy. I LOVE this counter top, bucket composter. It will also fit underneath the sink if you have the room. I am much the Better with it!!!