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Pure Neem Oil SNE-9491


SECTION: Tools and Supplies, We find that a healthy garden does not need major controls, but bad things can happen to a garden. Neem oil is very effective for insect infestations in several ways: First, it disrupts insect's hormonal systems and thus kills them (it is not a poison as such so is slower, be patient). Second, many insects simply detest its presence. In an experiment a grasshopper was put in a jar with a leaf treated with neem, and it starved to death rather than eat the leaf! Third, either as a foliar, or simply through runoff, neem is absorbed into the plant itself and kills leaf-eaters, but not beneficials. An insect has to eat more than just the surface cells and beneficials do not do that. Totally safe for humans and pets, and is the least disruptive "insecticide" to your garden's ecology. 100% neem oil - it is so powerful it will "burn" things so please dilute to only 1-2% for an effective control. 8 fl. oz. APPROX WEIGHT: .563 lbs.
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