Smy 9377
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Soluble Mycorrhizae SMY-9377


We honestly believe that this is the finest mycorrhize available. A natural, low-cost essential ingredient to growing bigger, healthier plants that can be added at any stage of plant growth. This water-soluble form of mycorrhizal inoculant is a starter for Mycorrhizal fungus networks that are an essential part of any healthy garden soil. They play a critical role in nutrient cycling, mediating plant stress and protecting against transplant shock. Mycorrhizal fungus networks reduce the need for water, optimize available nutrients, and help with germination and early growth of seedlings. Mycrorhizal fungal filaments expand through your garden's total soil volume, and actually extend the feeding area of a plant beyond its roots, improving nutrient and water uptake, plant growth and yield, root development, and drought resistance. Chemical fertilization, soil compaction, low organic matter, and even just digging up the soil will severely damage these mycorrhizal fungus networks. We always recommend home-made compost for enlivening the soil and bringing the microbial population back to a healthy state. However, due to the aforementioned reasons (and others) these beneficial fungi might not yet be present at your site, or present in adequate quantity. This product contains dozens of fungal species, including both endo- and ecto-mocorrhize, is known to protect against various plant diseases, and is six times more concentrated than the most common brands. 1 ounce of powder treats 12 gallons of water, 250 square feet of soil or 125-250 plants. 1 ounce bag APPROX WEIGHT: 1 ounce.
Smy 9377

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WOW! Huge umporvement, but apply it at planting!
on 05/31/12 by Andrew Brooks in GA

I dont think this page will upload my own photos, but Ill send them to the site have to see this! I started a couple of hills of watermelon, and applied these myco to just 1 hill to see what it would do. The 1st hill plants did well enough, the cotydilion leaves were a bit larger than a quarter, 1x1.5 inches. But the hill with these Myco, the cotydillion leaves popped up big as a dollar bill cut in half, a full 2 inches by 3 inches! Ive since applied it around the garden, and the plants all turned a darker green almost immediately... so fast I thought I must have imagined it, but it was real. While they ARE much healthier, its clear that to get the best results you should apply this to soil at planting. Ive not yet tested results with seedlings started without it, but will soon!!