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Xtreme Mykos SMY-9373



Mykos is one mycorrhiza

in super abundance (Glomus intraradices)

which increases overall plant biomass and yield by up to 300%!

Mykos (with Azos) has been used to help break 10 World-Records for ‘Xtreme’ plant growth. Mykos is the “quarterback” and “gatekeeper” of the soil microbe team.

Mykos directs the activity of a wide range of beneficial microbes and barters for nutrients on behalf of the host plant. Mykos fungi also naturally produce arbuscules within the roots that contain disease-supressing phenols.

When a root pathogen attacks a root with arbuscules, the arbuscules release a natural fungicide that takes it out.

1 pound of granules, enough for 36 tree and shrubs or coverage of 200 square feet.

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