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Blue Oyster Mushroom ... SMP-9386



Blue Oyster Plug Spawn, Pleurotus ostreatus var. columbinus

Fruiting Temperature: 45-65° F

Ideal Wood Types: alder, maple, oak, beech, birch, ash, sweetgum.

Easy to start this variety.

The Blue Oyster mushroom is ideal for mushroom growers who live in cooler climates. It tends to fruit well in the early spring and fall, producing beautiful steel-blue to blue-gray mushrooms. Like its sister species the Pearl Oyster, the Blue Oyster is extremely aggressive and grows on a wide range of deciduous hardwoods.

These sterilized birch plugs are spirally grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium, and are available in packages of approximately 100 dowels

Includes approximately 100 plugs

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