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Shiitake Mushroom (Le... SMP-9384



Shiitake Mushroom, Lentinula edodes

Fruiting Temperature: 50-80° Farenheit.

Ideal Wood Types: oak, sweet gum, alder, ash, chestnut, eucalyptus, beech, hickory.

Easy to start this variety.

Shiitake mushrooms have been hailed for both their culinary and health benefits in Asia for hundreds of years, and their popularity worldwide increases every year. Found primarily on thicker-barked hardwoods like oak, they also do well on "scrub" hardwoods like alder. Both logs and stumps can be used for cultivation. Our hardy strain of Shiitake can begin to fruit in as little as 6 months, with the most substantial fruiting tending to appear 1 year from inoculation.

These sterilized birch plugs are spirally grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium, and are available in packages of approximately 100 dowels

Includes approximately 100 plugs

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