Sen 9150
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Garden Shears SEN-9150



Favorite tool of our garden staff

for harvesting grains, comfrey, compost crops, and weeds. Good for trimming in hard to reach places - a very versatile garden tool. Similar to sheep shears but not appropriate for shearing sheep.

Made of fine carbon steel; no working parts to wear out, should last a lifetime. Self-sharpening. After considerable testing we prefer these shears which have a double "bow" that greatly reduces the amount of force you need to cut.

AREA_SIZE: 12 ½ inches long overall with 6 1/4 inch blades.

APPROX WEIGHT: .525 lbs.

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My go to tool every day for harvesting and deadheading
on 06/19/13 by Walkin Customer in GA

The best tool for snipping lettuces and herbs or hand mowing some ornamental grasses...quickly deadheading. Dont go into the garden without them morning or evening.