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Eco Spout SEC-9260


 This is a clever gizmo that fits on top of nearly any plastic jug to enable you to attach either the sprinkler type head or the pour spout. Mix up some liquid seaweed in an old milk jug, for example, and then attach the watering head to sprinkle it on your plants. Or pour water into your radiator, or whatever. One packet will plant watering head and spout assembly sq ftAPPROX WEIGHT: .1 lbs.

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Very Adaptable Bottle Top Waterer
on 01/04/14 by Russell

Ecospout has two threads so it fits a lot of bottles. I use milk jugs with the funnel indoors and sprinkler outdoors. Ecospout is made from recycled plastic so it is saving our planet as well.

Terrific product
on 10/23/12 by Maria H in CA

Eco Spouts really do work the way they are supposed to. I have several around the greenhouse to water dry plants with. And, because they are all but closed, mosquitos dont breed in them, so I dont have to worry about getting West Nile virus. They are very handy!

So inexpensive and so useful!
on 10/23/11 by Connie Sartain in OR

I bought the eco spout last year and have found it to be wonderfully useful. I turned a heavy duty vinegar bottle into a watering device that had the gentlest soft spray for seedlings! Works so well and this season Ill buy another for a distant part of the garden