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Our handles come from the new owner of Bulldog tools (now called Clarington Forge) They fill fit either the 39 inch Spear and Jackson or the 39 inch Clarington Forge D-handled tools. The handles have a larger diameter these days but seem to fit older 39 inch Bulldog d-handled tools. (Probably will need some modification)

Shaft diameter = 1.75" Shaft diameter tapers from 1.5" to .75" where it is inserted into the fork. The length of this tapered section varies from 6.75" to 7.75".

We had a local buy one of these handles for a very old Bulldog tool. They had to trim it down a little but were very happy with the result.

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Whittling and Shaving
on 02/21/14 by Richard Mann in CA

The main insert takes a little bit of whittling and shaving down to fit snuggly. But well worth the time and trouble of course, with the result being a newly restored cherished whether fork or spade.