Sdi 9037 bentley fork
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Bentley Stainless Ste... SDI-9037



SECTION: Tools and Supplies,

Head Size = 7" X 11"
Tool length = 42 inches

Joseph Bentley (of England) is the garden-tool maker for the Queen. Established in 1895 it has a well-earned reputation for quality tools. Early on they saw the end of forging in England, unable to compete with Chinese forges, they joined them in creating lifetime-guaranteed stainless steel tools.* The finish look and quality is classy and outstanding - I noticed that Williams-Sonoma proudly carries them. The metal has occasional signs of hand-working, which I really like. The wood is FSC certified and stained a lovely dark brown. The carefully finished ash handle is slightly larger, and smoother on the hands than the others, at least initially.

What impresses me most about these impressive-looking tools are the stress testing they go through - the new Jospeh Bentley standard is 176 lbs. How they measure this is to clamp the working end of the tool in a vise, leaving the rest of the tool and handle hanging out in space. They then put 176 pounds of weight on the end of the handle, thus exerting maximum force at the end of the lever, and see if it bends or breaks. They have experienced less than 1% returns.

* Joseph Bentley offers a lifetime guarantee, but with a big catch - you must register within 30 days. We keep a record of your purchase indefinitely as a customer, but you must register with them. ( ).


"Joseph Bentley is proud to present a collection of traditional stainless steel garden tools driven by design and function... Every tool comes with a high-level specification, proven design, and attention to detail as a standard… With over a century of experience in the gardening industry we have an offering ideal for keen gardeners which expands well beyond the obvious core. Our stainless steel garden tools are inspired by the fook, feel and quality of the tools offered by Joseph Bentley in the 1900's"

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