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Clarington Forge/Bull... SDI-9020


 Eight hundred years ago in Northern England, Cistercian monks founded what is now Clarington Forge in Lancashire where the traditional spade and fork were invented. Garden Tools continue to be made there to this day and remain the choice of serious gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists. Clarington Forge products are manufactured using a unique specification steel which results in exceptionally strong tool heads with the flexibility to absorb all the shock and pressure of hard work, without distorting or breaking. A joy to work with, this is the spade used for bed preparation in our research gardens and pictured in many of the photos in this catalog. The 11" X 7" head is solid forged from a single piece of steel and has a one piece hardwood shaft that is split to form a wishbone handle. This spade has a tread plate. NOTE: Stain color on spade and fork handles may vary. Overall length of each tool is 43". APPROX WEIGHT: 4.813 lbs.
Note: Clarington Forge tools have been known as "Bulldog" brand for many many years. When the tools are impported to the US some are labeled Clarington Forge and some are labeled Bulldog. They are the exact same tools, only the label is different.

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