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Azos is a particularly-efficient

nitrogen-fixing bacteria from the Amazon Basin

where the lack of soil and the rapid breakdown of all vegetation by hungry microbes create environmental conditions that require “Growth to Survive”.

Azos converts N2 nitrogen into plant-available NH3 ammoniacal nitrogen. Azoz claims to fix nitrogen for most anything, and supplies 50%-70% needed by most crops.

We are looking into how it performs compared to our specific nitrogen fixing bacteria. Azos also acts as a growth stimulant, catalyzing the release of a natural growth hormone (Indole-3 Acetic Acid) in plants which increases root development and optimizes the harvest.

Azos (with Mykos) has been used to help break 10 World-Records for plant growth, which may or may not be your goal. 6 oz. package of water soluble powder makes 4 gallons.

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