Days To Maturity : 45-90
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : Plants 200 sq ft
When To Plant : Spring
53 PKTs Available
Blue and White Mix (W... MWW-6463


plants 200 sq ft

Perfect background for pictures

 or just cool relaxation on summer evenings.

Or for events--nobody's dress will ever clash with these colors!

Favorite colors for pollinators, too. We developed this for a farm that hosts weddings, parties, graduations, and other events.


Ground should be weed-free and raked to a fine texture. Mix this packet with 1 quart of fine soil, potting mix, or sand, and broadcast evenly over 50 sq ft. Rake in very lightly or cover with a thin layer of soil, sand, etc. Then, either mulch very lightly with straw or cover with fleece row cover or chicken wire to protect from birds. Water well and keep moist. Remove wire when plants are 3" high. Thin to 6" spacing. Keep out a pinch of seed to fill in bare spots if desired. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Bee Friendly

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