Mwe 6460 kale wild garden web
Days To Maturity : 50-60
Germination Days : 5-14
Planting Depth : 1/4-1/2
Seed Code : O
Seeds Per Packet : 100
Spacing : 15
When To Plant : Early spring
When To Plant : Late summer
37 PKTs Available
Wild Garden Kale Mix,... MWE-6460



A varied, tasty, and beautiful

gene pool of Russian type kales.

Colors from green through purple, and leaves from single to triple frilled.

Overwintering in zone 5 and above. Popular at farmers markets.
Bred by Frank Morton and crew at Gathering Together Farm. BOTANICAL NAME: Brassica oleracea acephala


Start seeds in flats or pots early in Spring or in late summer-mid-July onward for fall. Transplant seedlings 15" apart. If direct seeding, avoid soil crusting, which will make it hard for seedlings to emerge. Long-standing, so work in plenty of compost and lime if needed for long, steady growth. Winter survival will be improved by mulching and a fall dose of seaweed meal, ashes, or other potash source. Matures in 8-9 weeks. Overwintered flowering shoots are sweet and choice. GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: C,W/Matures 8-9/Harvests 17/Yields 76-153/Spacing 15" ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Easy to grow, tolerates winter cold Bred by Frank Morton and friends at Gathering Together Farm in Oregon.

Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI):

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