Germination Days : 6-21
Seed Code : C
When To Plant : Spring
587 PKTs Available
Seeds for Kids MSE-6430



A happy jumble

of everything left over from the year before.

(which did not pass their germination tests but will still produce some plants.)

Grow a surprise garden.

Wonderful just to see the different shapes and colors, from huge to tiny.

No medicinal herbs or poisonous plants. One pkt, contents vary


Sprinkle on well-prepared soil in a sunny spot, and rake in or cover with compost. If desired, you can select out the larger seeds to plant individually. Keep seedbed damp until seedlings are up, and water regularly thereafter. NOTE: This is leftover seed, which did not meet our germination standard. A random mixture; usually contains grains, beans, squashes, greens, many others-not all of the leaves will be good to eat (tomatoes, for example). Filled, by hand, with love.

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Great Fun
on 06/11/17 by A Tomkinson in North Augusta, SC

These seeds are fun for me to use as a learning tool for both my kids and myself. Plus, the seed mixes change every so often based on what is available to add at the time. Lots of variety. I still have most of these seeds germinate better than seeds from other sources. I love these seeds !

My son loves this!
on 06/28/13 by Melody D in IN

We planted this packet in a 4x4 bed for my son. He loves the variety and hes 4 so he thinks every yellow flower is a sunflower <3. This will always be on my yearly order for my garden, even when he outgrows it :

on 03/29/13 by Walkin Customer

all i have to say is that my kids loved it!!!

A very nice mix, highly recommended!
on 03/24/12 by Sayward Duffano in MS

This mix has a lot of wonderful seeds, and just about all of them came up. I picked all the different seeds apart and planted them individually, in small pots and then planted blocks of separated plants. The variety is amazing- amaranth, wheat, corn, peas, beans, flowers, all kinds of things. The packets are generous, one or two packets would plant a HUGE garden. You may not know the actual specific variety of what is being grown but they will sprout and give you produce! :