Days To Maturity : 63-84
Germination Days : 8-16
Planting Depth : Barely cover
Seed Code : C
Spacing : Broadcast
Square Foot Coverage : 100
When To Plant : Mid-summer
When To Plant : Spring
106 PKTs Available
Summer Compost Crop Mix MCO-6302



Improves the soil in new garden beds that aren't being used, or in between crops.

Any time the soil is bare, you are getting weeds and losing nutrients-this weed-smothering and soil enriching mix is the answer.

Contains buckwheat, vetch, and cowpeas.

Doubles as an insectary crop to attract pest-fighting beneficial insects, and is also a fast-growing choice for livestock.


Mix the contents of this packet with at least one quart of fine dirt, sand, or compost. Mix thoroughly and broadcast onto a 100 square foot bed that has been dug or tilled, and raked or forked to a fine tilth. Rake in well, to assure good soil contact with seed and keep birds from eating seed. To do this, use a chopping motion with the rake, rather than a long drawing stroke, so that seed stays more or less where it landed, not all to one side. Water in well, and keep moist until established. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

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