Mco 6301 lg decccmix web
Days To Maturity : 63-84
Germination Days : 8-16
Planting Depth : Barely cover
Seed Code : C
Spacing : Broadcast
Square Foot Coverage : 50
When To Plant : Mid-summer
When To Plant : Spring
26 PKTs Available
Decorative Compost Cr... MCO-6301



A lower-growing mix with really showy flowers.

Easier to grow than most wildflowers, and does a good job of holding the soil, adding nutrients, and attracting beneficials.

These will bloom in spring and early summer, then can make way for your fall crops like kale.

Contains phacelia, lupine, crimson clover, wooly vetch, and California poppy. Plant early spring, or fall in zones 7-10. Covers 50 square feet.


Mix the contents of this packet with at least one quart of fine dirt, sand, or compost. Mix thoroughly and broadcast onto a 50 square foot bed that has been dug or tilled, and raked or forked to a fine tilth. Seed should be covered shallowly-1/4" of sand, sifted compost, or potting mix is perfect. Water in very well-some of these seeds have natural safeguards against sprouting unless there is plenty of water. After plants are 3" high, they will be quite drought-resistant.


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