Mch 6290
Days To Maturity : 55-80
Germination Days : 6-14
Planting Depth : 1/4
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 30
Spacing : 18
When To Plant : Late spring
When To Plant : Summer
84 PKTs Available
Cherry Tomato Mix MCH-6290



 Several of our varieties,

each dyed a different color (with food coloring) so you can know what you are planting.

Includes these varieties: Yellow Pear, Black Cherry, Chadwick's Cherry, Peacevine Cherry, and Italian Cherry.

BOTANICAL NAME: Solanum lycopersicum


Start in flats or pots 2 months or so before setting out. Transplant into well-composted soil after danger of frost is past. Set plants several inches deeper than in the pot-they will root along the stem. Greedy feeder-needs ample amounts of compost or decomposed manure. Needs lots of potassium, phosphorous, but not as much nitrogen. Needs calcium to prevent blossom-end rot; use gypsum or bone meal if necessary. Keep soil most in dry weather with periodic, deep watering and mulch.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® CULTURAL INFORMATION: H/Matures 8-13/Harvest 17+/Yield 100-418/Spacing 18"


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Fun mix
on 04/09/16 by Becky in San Antonio, TX

I bought these for 3 of the 5 varieties offered. I don't like one variety in the mix, and I have never tried the other. Maybe it was a fluke, but about half of my package was Italian Cherry, one that I have never tried before. I hope I like it! I've planted about a dozen seeds from the packet- each one individually, because thinning seems like a waste of a perfectly good seed. All of the seeds I planted sprouted! They're doing well in my garden. I did lose one plant due to pill bugs, but I know that when I plant its replacement, it should do well too. I'm pretty happy with this seed mix, but I wish it would have been a little better balanced. I'm looking forward to trying Italian Cherry though.